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◆◆◆Bold, Exciting and Diverse◆◆◆
Pose Mannequin makes and breaks the fashion rules! Our Los Angeles and Virginia based Design Team focus on statement pieces with a truly feminine twist. We hand pick, customize, recreate original pieces to be sure our mannequins always STAND OUT.

"Pose Mannequin will be sure to give you that extra special something your closet just may be missing."



"They are trendy, playful and will rise your ego in an instant. These pieces definitely for the gal who loves being fashion savvy."


"Dress me IM your Mannequin"


“Kiara Randolph is Pose Mannequin. This girl tries on every piece of clothing, twirls in the mirror, and then wham! The name of the piece is truly inspired in that defining moment that will forever be known in her boutique! And you’ve got to love her sense of humor too!"

-Stephanie Schultz, Fashion Editor/blogger

        Kiara Randolph is Couture Mannequin. Her persona is reflected in the clothing itself from wild, bold and sexy to the fiercely unique statement pieces. She incorporates unusual elements not so typical in the fashion world to her boutique. Her clothing reflects the courageous side of fashion tapping into one’s inner diva, vixen, and feminine fatale to the confident, original and self driven woman.

        Following her dreams, Kiara spends time split between Virginia, Hawai’i and New York City. Kiara pulls cultural influences from around the globe into Couture Mannequin. Her business partner, founder of Natural Beatrix and friend, Ebony McMurray, met Kiara casually in Hawai’i. Since then, Ebony has been creating those “you’re not going to find these in Target” kind of jewelry exclusively for Couture Mannequin.

        There is no off button for the drive Kiara has for Couture Mannequin Boutique. Actively working and directing photo shoots for new collections, she strives to provide for her customers with new, exciting and edgy pieces to the handmade creations of Natural Beatrix. In her downtime, she can be seen sitting at her laptop eyeing the next big thing. Her eyes light up in genuine excitement over the latest discovery. A flare of happiness runs through her smile. The thrill of decision making to include this newest treasure to her collection reflects upon her heart. She launches into a brilliant name for the new addition. A must have ritual for Couture Mannequin. One day you can be Mrs. Obama, a confident in charge woman to a French whore, who is seductive and charming? Join the Mannequin Cult! Experience the transformation!

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